What her ASL Students say:

KR Glickman is a natural and generous teacher. She makes her students, self conscious, nervous, a little fearful about stepping outside their comfort zone, and wraps them gently into a new world, a new language, a new way to communicate.

                                                                 -Judith Black

National Storyteller

Founder of

Karen Signs It   (KSI)

Founded in 1993

Helpful For:

  1. The person who wants to learn American Sign Language (ASL)

Why Attend?

  1. Learn a visual language in a non-stressful atmosphere.

  2. Communicate with the Deaf and other sign users.

  3. Introduce yourself to the beauty of Deaf Culture.

Do You Know:

  1. How to sign HELLO?

  2. Do all countries use the same sign language?

Other Choices:

Available by special arrangement:

  1. Private Lessons

  2. Home Visits

  3. Companies & Organizations

Teaching Resume:

  1. Beverly Hospital

  2. Boston Center for Adult Education

  3. Brookwood School

  4. Lynn Classical High School

  5. Lynn Public Library

  6. North Shore Community College

  7. Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound

  8. The Learning Tree Store

  9. YMCA

  10. North Shore ARC

  11. New England Home for the Deaf

  12. Sharing the Fire (STF)

  13. Analog Devices Inc.

  14. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

Want to learn sign language?

KR Glickman

Private Lessons Available

Year round

Contact KR Glickman by:

Email:                  Ksi93@mac.com

Video Phone: (VP)    978-338-8169

(You can leave message through an interpreter on the phone when you dial the number above.)  Please go ahead and try call KR.


“I do know taking a sign language class with KR exposed me to a new language. It also helped me to begin to understand deaf culture. I started to see situations from different prospectives.

                                                                 -Joan Lavoie

Former staff from elementary school

one to one with Down Syndrome student